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Whenever someone asks me as to how X took off i say more often than not that the founders or someone on the initial team made them take off. Because that is how it is , yes today people hire *growth hackers* and the like but still. These guys come in at a very later stage typically when they are focusing on multiplying 10 folds when the market is saturating. Here is my  hand rules that i tend to follow most of the time.

Growing 1 X : The most easiest looking growth goal to have but looks can be deceiving seldom times. You got a bunch of installs today.? Good , there is a good chance that the most of them wont come back after a week or a month. And then comes the aspect that most people dread about user churns. So you may not be growing at all but keeping your users at bay is the most important mechanic to have to begin with. Sure the process is not fool proof , someone may not open tinder after he finds a good partner and wont return a till a good amount of time (After a breakup perhaps.? ) And then there is another big problem that you can face if you are going on to add all sorts of people out there outside your target market. Suppose you have an app that will make it easy for students to take education loans , and you end up marketing it out randomly chances are a 50 year old granny will install your app and will be forced to uninstall it later.

Growing 2 X : Ask anyone who is running a startup , they will be more than glad to talk to you about their product even if you asked them about it for the sake of formality. Because that is what they need to do , talk to people and convert them to keep growing. Imagine if you could tap into several people’s network who are interested to talk about you to anyone who is willing to listen , wouldn’t  that be great.? Sure , that is what most people do at this stage. Several  products / service fail to tap into something called as *network effects* and too bad they don’t they are risking a real opportunity cost. Paul Graham put it in a way that cant get any better “Startups win because they create products that are so great that people who use it tell about it to others “. That’s precisely what you need to take advantage of.

Growing 5 X : The easy thing about growth is it can be measured in most cases but the same cant be said about the mechanics and the factors influencing the same. Now is probably the time to put churn preventing mechanisms as well as referral’s and other such mechanisms to play on a greater level along with some sort of marketing. Which will allow you to reach to newer heights than before ,  as well as this will allow you to reach into even more people thanks to the nature of network effects.

Growing 10 X : Affiliate’s , Partnerships , PR , Ads and all are fine initially. But then you will need something that cant be copied , something that will give you long term results and the like. That is what i intend to write about in the next part.

Stay tuned for it

Harsha Halvi

Harsha Halvi

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