Its time to start your tribe.!

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If there is anything that you as a Tech Entrepreneur , A Product Manager or a Marketer should take away from most of the successful products its understanding and utilizing the importance of  building your own tribe. Recently i was reading a book by Seth Godin on a similar topic , go get it its one of the best books written by him ; i noticed how it applied to growth of your product in general.

Go start a community around your product.! Here are the most apparent advantages :

1.) Getting Feedback  :

Stripe is the best example of this , during the initial days they had basically hosted a IRC channel on their servers and got most of the feedback from there itself. Not just that they used to beta test new features with the help of the IRC channel. Pro Tip : Today you no longer need to host a IRC Channel as there are better and free alternative the most preferred on is Slack. IRC is so 2000’s anyway + the added maintenance too can be done away with. ;)

2.) Support :

Dropbox has utilized this to the fullest , head over to Dropbox Forum and you will know. I am a hardcore Dropboxer to the core and a Pro customer too but i have rarely mailed their support mail i have ran into issues with on various operating systems and their API’s too but all the times but one got resolved  in the Forum itself .Heck i did not even ask a question as seldom were already asked , thinking about decreasing the support mail queue this is a must do.Pro Tip : This requires some slight tinkering but then Flarum is picking up steam and i have faith that it will be a worthy project to rely on this.

3.) In app discovery :

Themeforest is really worth mentioning here ,  if you go look at the profiles individual users you will notice that they have various badges and allow you to curate themes and other stuff that you like. Another example of this would be Spotify , the upside for you.? Improved content discovery , better usage rates and if optimized correctly better revenue what more do you need. Implementing them differs from app to app so its going to be a slight technical challenge and some time goes into doing all this but then its worth it.

4.) Referrals :

Once you have a thriving community who are coming back everyday you can take this further by utilizing Network Effects to the core. The best example is Paypal , once you hit the tipping point the growth takes care of itself. Since people share content and talk about their experiences to their offline world and in other communities you can be sure of reaching new avenues only with lesser work done.Pro Tip : There are tons of referral API’s that you can use like Branch for your mobile apps but then making your own will not hurt either.

Do let me know if you think i missed any other benefits that worked out for you.

P.S : Not all of them work for everyone , you do have to tweak stuff a bit to achieve the product market fit you know ;)

Harsha Halvi

Harsha Halvi

I'm an 21 year old Entrepreneur and a Product Guy. Currently breaking and making stuff @TBGLabs. Food , Travel and a Book Junkie.

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