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Twitter is what i usually open the first thing in the morning and last thing in the night and that is true for so many of the people around me. The Minimalism gets to me and its in most ways far better than Facebook , Instagram and Snapchat's of the world.

I have often wondered why it fails to take off on its User Metrics , Ads Division and more so on the Revenue Parts. Maybe Twitter is the red herring that doesnt need to sell ads but do more ? Maybe its too big but will fail neverthless.
I set out to think about what made me use twitter , what brings me back to it and more importantly how someone could make money off it.

What works :

Twitter is a product that has a lot of love backed into it and the product shows that in every nook and corner. As a platform Twitter works in the intended usecase of a micro blog and it works really well. The whole point where it breaks is when you look at the bottom line of it all , its not a 5 year old startup but rather a public company with nearly 15 billion $ in valuation. Now that the core platform works and there is enough demand for it to justify its valuation lets try to understand what doesnt add up and what can be done to do the same.

Subsidaries that sort of ... don't work:

Twitter has made a fair share of acqusitions in the past and most of them have not worked out well (TL;DR Most of them don't end well so that's okay i suppose but hey i am not the shareholder).

MoPub: Everyone wanted to capture the mobile advertising and monetization space and its no surprie that twitter invested significantly as well. But Mopub as a marketplace or even a platform hasn't exatly been able to offer a lot to the table and its usage among the market shows.

Gnip : Gnip is a venture that makes the best use of the limitations of its parent companies aka Twitter's API's suck big time. Twitter is notoriously hard to build on and its Rate Limiting , Scope of API and more show that. Gnip recently lowered its price points to attract a lot of people to build/powerup their platforms on Twitters data and it remains to be seen as to how well that will work out.

Fabric : Fabric was built by Twitter to work well along MoPub and it had some really good offerings and some that were competing in the space with so many people. Digits was hands down preffered by so many people thanks to the price benefits. Same cannot be said about Answers. But in the end Google's acqusition gave some money power to twitter so it can't exactly be put down as a loss yet.

The Opportunity :

Like me so many other people use twitter for a lot of things but a few themes ring out to be the same for a lot of its user :

Support : Tweeting it out to so many companies to get your issues solved is one of the usecases that stand out from the rest of the platform. I actually signed up on Twitter because i wanted help from Aircel for my SIM Card loss. Helping Companies automate a lot of things and integrating with existing support systems can help Twitter make some much needed money in the short as well as long run.

Government's and NGO's : A lot of governments and NGO's across the world are exceedingly using Twitter to Issue statements , Pass out much needed info as well as Help out people in distress. Twitter could possibly work with all of these governments and end up getting a lot of Users from both ends of the table to improve its metrics. Reach out to the top officials , ministries in your government via Twitter ? Sure sounds like a valuable vertical to me.

Subscriptions : Charging various ends of the users a decent amount of money can make things look great. In lights of the recent scandals involving Facebook i think Twitter can make money directly and come out as a Privacy respecting forward thinking social media company. 2-5$ for a couple of benefits to the end user wont hurt. Things that i think can make a lot of sense are charging for Detailed Analytics, Increased Limits to API's and more integrations.

This is a Work In Progress and i will be either updating this post frequently as and when i get more ideas and feedback or i will be making a series on the same.

Harsha Halvi

Harsha Halvi

I'm an 21 year old Entrepreneur and a Product Guy. Currently breaking and making stuff @TBGLabs. Food , Travel and a Book Junkie.

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