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The Downtime Test

Yesterday night Slack went down and took down so many people’s abilities to send memes erm get work done was taken away from them. As you can expect most of them ought to be enraged and boy enraged they were. A young startup’s worst fear is probably either loosing all of their customers or their data but there was something different about the outage yesterday with the likes of Heroku’s Recent Outage and even Github (Gitlab’s even) outages. 

Things somehow work out when they love the product : 

Slack made group messaging great again and then threw in Memes and Gif’s to keep you hooked. People are so hooked that they were seen tweeting about Slack going down so much that Twitter should mostly pay Slack to take it offline when their earning calls are not so good. People were not crying or were fuming like all the other usual products but they were attached to the product so much that all the memes resonated with others really well.  

Do one thing really really well : 

When was the last time you had good support experience ? And people were resonating with them in ways that is an exception not the rule. One of them asked if he team needed anything and others were making a fun out of themselves and the situation like its not a big deal at all. The support did something that most people never do , react out to the people and join in the conversations genuinely try to help them out even if their hands were tied. 


With such good users and product that refuses not to go viral i suppose this is a good problem to have for Slack! Alright folks it seems Slack is back up again i need to go back to sending meme’s across 34+ channels across 10+ timezones!  

Harsha Halvi

Harsha Halvi

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