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Why i am getting the Xbox One X ?

Last night i downloaded Call Of Duty WW2 from steam and went ahead as is customary of me to play it for the rest of the night. Only thing that was stopping me so far was how much big of a download it was but life had other things to throw at me. What seemed forever was now gone and once the installation was over i wanted to play it in its full glory.

GTX 950 ..not :

My (t)rusty old GTX 950 Ti has began to show its age and i really don't blame it we have had a fun run together. The AAA titles are becoming bigger and better so is the horsepower that's needed to power all of it. But the major issue that i have hit is the Inflated Prices and there is very little that i can do about it. Crypto as it stands can power a huge revolution but it also stands between me and what i love the most Gaming. Most of the AMD's RX cards are either out of stock or so insanly priced that getting a pre built seems like a good option now.

PS4.5 or Not the Pro :

With the launch of Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 it seemed like 4K is no longer a luxury selling at around the price i would shell for a Mid Range smart phone like OP5T. But the problem with the choice of the TV is that HDR 10 is not supported and it seems like a big let down. A lot has been said about Resolution , Frame Rate , Eco System , Exclusive and so on but none of them matter if you cannot play it on the TV of your choice. This coupled with the fact that most of the games run at sub 2K and even 1440p in the dynamic upscaler i had to let down Sony for once.

Its a beast and more :

If you asked me to pick up an Xbox 4 years back i would have rather stabbed myself than getting one. But with the One X its one hell of a beast and to be fair it certainly does lack a lot of Exclusives. But i play a lot of Battlefield , Call Of Duty , Need For Speed , Assasin's Creed , Doom and Titanfall. All of them are multi platform as well as on consoles it just works be it PS4 or Xbox One X. To add more value to the table i love that there is something like EA Access that PS lacks (PC does have Origin Access) and it costs me around the same price it would to pick up one of EA's AAA titles but lasts a whole year.

Going forward :

Something Microsoft has proved with Backcompat is that Sony needs to do more with their so called trove of games. Played a title on PS3 or PS2 and now want to relive it ? Pay for the new version of the game. Also by the time my Xbox One X is at the End of its Lifetime it will be nearly 2-3 years from now giving me enough timeline to cash in to the Xbox 2 and PS 5 depending on how things stack up there. But i'm hoping my One X will be a worthwhile investment. And also Screw you Cryptominers you changed me from a PC Master Race guy to a Console gamer overnight.

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Harsha Halvi

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