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Why I'm joining Fusioncharts

Someone once told me that there are a very few opportunities that only come once in your lifetime and my experience so far has been jumping onto it whenever my gut tells me that. The the last 48 hours of my life have largely screamed the same so much that i ended up taking one of its kind offer by Fusioncharts.

One of its kind in every manner:

I had heard about Pallav before and even of fusioncharts a bit long back and then i ended up seeing a lot of his thought processes in a few videos here and there.Little did i know i would get to meet him in person and get to talk to him for an hour or so. Once i heard about the opportunity i could not be more excited about it.

The people, its always about the people:

And if that wasn't enough all of the people that i ended up meeting when i was joining them was nothing sort of terrific. All of them listened to this naive young guy speaking without any biases or visible distress. If i had to choose to work with some people either as a founder or as an employee the ones who i talked to would be the template for finding people. All of them have had a stint as a founder and i could relate to them a lot(i'm not sure about the other way around tough) the only one thing that ended up echoing in my mind after the quick sessions with them was how could i possibly work with them.

Speed matters,velocity even more :

Oh and Agility , what was supposed to be an hour of meeting with Pallav turned into a marathon of quick sessions with all of the division heads and i ended up being offered the best role in the world. Needless to say i could'nt say no not in a million years. What i have naively done so far , i now get a chance to do the same but with guidance and resources of such talented folks.One thing i have learnt and have been reminded of more than what i can count on is Velocity over Speed anyday and Fusioncharts has that to the core. Being fast Fast doesnt mean inviting recklessness, nor haste the whole process was visibly fast but moving in a certain direction that you could see, measure as well as (tanglibly) control.

Forward :

I sort of am Artreus and Fusioncharts(60% Pallav + 40 the rest of the team) is Kratos and boi do i get to learn from the best. Sorry i could not get off the God Of War hype train on this one. Someone once asked me what is the thing you want 10 times more of and the answer that i have eventually settled on is Value.This means one thing i am gonna Chart Uncharted Territories with Fusionchart. Upwards and Onwards!


Harsha Halvi

Harsha Halvi

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